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Affiliate Program & Partnership

Interested in making fast cash or getting free levels and gear for your character on WoW? While your friends and guildmates are leveling up faster than you in the World of Warcraft by paying for our famously safe power leveling services, you can be earning free levels and gear in the game or even real money in DOLLARS! Yes, dollars, not WoW gold, but the real $$$ that makes the world go round. Think of it as power leveling up in the real world by making real money!

In exchange for the promotion of our gaming services, Yeh! for Games, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with an easy solution to make extra money or get free gaming services. Everybody wins with this affiliate program that will benefit not only our company and our customers but most importantly you, as the affiliate. With little to no effort, you can be receiving tons of cash or game items...instantly!

How does the Program Work?

Simple. Every affiliate will receive a unique 5% off coupon code to provide to friends and visitors (for those who own a website, blog, etc.) Even those who take part in gaming forums will have the ability to place links or customize their signatures to increase sales by displaying their unique coupon code in their forum signature line.


For each sale under your specific code, you will receive a 10% commission in cash or a 20% commission in gaming services to upgrade your toon. Payment will occur at the end of the month and be processed via U.S. bank transfer, check, or Paypal.

Sample Case Scenario

  1. You mention your unique 5% coupon code XQ4WOW in a popular gaming forum, either in your message posting or your signature line.
  2. Someone reading the forum sees it and uses your code on our site to get a 5% discount on $1000 worth of Dungeon or Raid runs to get the best weapon and armors in the World of Warcraft.
  3. You can now choose to get rewarded either $100 in cash (10% commission) or $200 in gaming services (20% commission), such as the full PvP set for your Death Knight, or Free leveling from 70-80, both of which would normally sell for around $200 but you would get it for FREE as your reward for simply having someone use your unique coupon code!

How to get Started

Whether you want to get ahead in the game world for Free, or power level up in the real world by making extra cash, our Affiliate Program is for you. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Yeh! for Games, Inc., please e-mail: to register. Include your full name, e-mail address and telephone number. Once your registration is submitted, a representative from our Affiliate Team will contact you. Not only will you be provided with your own coupon code, but also have access to pre-generated company logos, banners and advertisements to help boost traffic and sales. We encourage all affiliates to work together with our experienced staff to ensure an efficient, long-term business relationship.

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"With the economy the way it is, it's hard to afford services for World of Warcraft...and with all the time I spend working how could I ever possibly have enough time to get to level 80 and obtain the best gear? Well, your company offered double commission and I was able to afford your leveling in no time! Thank you so much Yeh! for Games!"
John Kessler
Sacramento, California

"I have always been jealous of my friends who could afford to purchase services from Yeh! for Games. They spent no time getting the absolute best gear while I got stuck doing the best I could with the time I had. For the sake of copying and pasting a coupon code I got to show off my new PvP shoulders to all my friends!"
Mike Harris
Denver, Colorado

"I needed some cash and didnít know where to turn. Well I was sitting around online one day and decided to look into an affiliate program. Your company with its U.S. support seemed to be the most professional and enthusiastic. Within days I began racking up the cash for the money! Iíd recommend your program to anyone without a doubt!"
Dave Goldman
Jacksonville, Florida

"Other programs selling WoW levels and gear consisted of all Chinese support and it was hard to build a solid relationship with the company. With your personal, immediate guidance and support, I am seeing consistent sales directed from my links and coupon! Take advantage of any sources possible! "
Samantha Sanchez
Baltimore, Maryland

"This is the easiest system Iíve seen yetÖ Simple, efficient, direct. Iím level 80 now with cash to spare! Thanks Yeh! for Games"
Alberto Cortez
Austin, Texas