I’m not 80 yet!?!

Nope.  Not 80.  What kind of WoW player am I?  Real WoW players have already hit 80 and finished all the raid content.  Except, not really.  Sure, a few have.  But, a majority of players are still leveling and enjoying all that the new Wrath content has to offer.  So, what else is there to enjoy other than grinding quickly to 80 and the new raid instances? 

Well, for starters, the music.  I’m not sure if anyone keeps their sound controls up anymore while playing, but Northrend has some of the best game music I have ever heard.  Yes, I am grouping Wrath with all of the Final Fantasy games as far as music now.  It is just that good.  So far, my favorite music is in Howling Fjord though I do love the soft piano in Dragonblight. 

Okay, so you listen to heavy metal in your mom’s basement while playing WoW and couldn’t care less about the music.  How about the quests?  I was a huge fan of Warcraft pre WoW and love to see the story line continue.  The Dragonblight quests give you a wonderful look at the events in Warcraft 3 with Arthas flash backs, but also a nice in game cut scene that pushes the story forward.  If that isn’t great enough, the world literally changes after you finish the quest (think how Guild Wars did it). 

What’s that?  You don’t like the music and you aoe grind without questing?  Seriously?  Okay, what about everyone riding around on those new armored bears?  The turkey killing achievement?  The beautiful landscape?  Death Knights!?!  Surely, some of this is enough to enjoy even if you aren’t quite 80 like the rest of the world already.

On a small side note, my Death Knight is now level 76.  I have tanked every instance up to my level so far and also tried dps.  I am managing around 1200 dps with a cookie cutter spec, which I know a lot of people hate.  However, tanking does seem very viable.  I really am hoping that Blizzard implements the dual spec option that they keep mentioning on the WoW forums. 

Oh, and if anyone at Blizzard reads this: please, oh please, make achievements account wide so I feel there is a reason to level my alts up to 80 too.  Thank you!

Wrath of the Lich King: Post Release

The day we have all been waiting for has come and passed.  Millions of Blizzard fans slammed into unkempt lines around the country to pick up their copy of the new WoW expansion.   I would imagine that most succeeded, though I can tell you that the line I waited in was 2 city blocks long (yours truly was 3rd in line and had nothing to worry about).

On Thursday morning at 12:16 AM, I installed Wrath on my computer and updated my account to Wrath play ability.  I started my Death Knight, whom is a Night Elf, and played through the intro levels until the wee hours of the morning.   I now know that they call early hours the wee hours because you start to go delirious from lack of sleep, but you still have fun… weeee!  Anyhow, I leveled my Death Knight through the opening levels on Wednesday night and continued the next day.  A day later, I am 67 with some change.  I hope to make it into Northrend by tonight or tomorrow morning without neglecting my family too much.  Wrath has definitely been an exciting voyage so far!  It is very interesting to see who chooses what class to level within my guild and who has rerolled a new class entirely.

I’ve seen achievements scroll across guild chat for new Grand Master professions and exploration of Northrend, which I will not see for awhile given my new class.  Everyone is starting to explore the Nexus and Utgarde Keep.  I am still back in Outlands leveling my Death Knight.  I did get an honorable kill achievement.  A level 70 hunter without the Wrath expansion thought he should try to kill me.

The one pitfall to Wrath so far is that all of the people that I play with are easily surpassing me into Northrend.  I am glad that Blizzard made it easier to level from 60-70 in the last patch, but it is still a long road to catch up to my guild mates so that I can stop playing alone.  I keep hearing about giants and penguins and neat areas, but am not quite ready to adventure there.  On the other hand, I was the one that rerolled to Death Knight so this pitfall was my own choice.

So far, this expansion has completely knocked out all of the server disappointments that I have had in the past week.  This expansion has surpassed my expectations, even after I played beta.  What choices have you made since Wrath came out?  Has the expansion experience been as good or better than the Burning Crusade?

Wrath of the Lich King Descends

It’s here.

The long-anticipated expansion has finally hit stores and I, like most WoW addicts, am gearing up for questing my way through another ten levels.  I’m not so sure I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to my beautiful purple epic gear or being placed back on the unequal footing of battling higher levels and being subjected to a repetitive gank fest.  But I am excited about having new terrain to explore, raiding new instances, and finding some wicked looking gear for my little pink pigtailed gnome warrior chick after she reaches level 80.

I think with WotLK, players are going to experience both enthusiasm and stress.  There are new goals to be set, more fun to be had, and for those of us who were hitting a ceiling with our geared-out 70s, we will now have room to advance and grow again.  Unlike the Burning Crusade, which felt more like a mere extension of the original game, I think WotLK is truly bringing a new, epic quality to gameplay and world adventure for gamers.  I mean, how cool is it going to be to see a Death Knight in frosted armor stalking around?

In the same token, for those of us who got too comfortable strutting around on our 70s and three-shotting players a couple levels below us, I expect there will be a feverish rush to level to 80 – players are afraid that the slower they are with the leveling process, the more they are going to get their butts kicked by others that are leveling quicker than them…especially considering experience points are now given even for PVP kills. 

I’ve noticed a lot of my guild members have been concerned about saving up hordes of gold for the expansion as well, assuming that they will be able to level faster if they have a bunch of gold in reserves.  The impatience to get to 80 and find better gear is being felt by most players.  But where many players had topped-out on gear previously – making it easier for those newer to raiding to deck themselves out in purples – I foresee the competitive spirit for getting new armor making it twice as difficult for players to get geared after the expansion.

Yet in the end, I don’t doubt WotLK will be a success.  Blizzard has millions of subscribers for a reason.  The expansions keep the game fresh, new, and exciting.  Despite the stress and struggle of dealing with the unfamiliar content and updates made to the game, I’ll admit…I can’t wait to download my copy of WotLK and get started.