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City of Heroes (CoH) is set in Paragon City, home to super-powered heroes who fight for truth and justice against alien invaders, gangs, and criminals who have torn Paragon City apart and turned it into a land of lawlessness. Heroes must complete quests and defeat varied foes which get more and more difficult as the hero becomes more powerful. Players can choose their class, their costume, and powers and become the superhero they’ve always wanted to be. Game graphics of spells and effects and the overall 3D environment make for entertaining and interactive play time.

Yeh! for Games, Inc. provides powerleveling services for City of Heroes so you can power level your character faster to level 50 or whatever level jump you wish to achieve. Our gamers can get you the level you want quickly and safely so you can catch up with your friend or just skip the boring stuff.


    With this service, you will feel like waking up to new super powers in a dream world. We will powerlevel your superhero to any level you desire. Whether you are a Blaster, Tanker, Scrapper, Controller, or Defender, you will gain new powers in a short amount of time because we play for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you work and sleep. Furthermore, we will complete missions, earn Influence and Badges, all free of charge that comes along with this risk-free leveling service. Reaching level 50 has never been this easy.

Influence Farming

    Our gamers will farm Influence, City of Heroes' in-game currency, for your super hero. You will never have to worry about being able to afford Enhancements at every level. Need a few hundred DNA Resequencing Damage Boost enhancements? No problem! By using our Influence Farming service, your superhero will be fully slotted and filthy rich!

Mission Completer

    Missions in the City of Heroes are known to be redundant and bland. Your contacts give you missions that you rather not do just like the feeling of having to do homework back in school that your teachers gave you. Fortunately, with our Mission Completer service, we take redundancy seriously by completing any mission you'd prefer not to do yourself! Take a look at our list of missions and pick and choose those you'd like to skip.

Badge Farming

    We will get any type of badge you need to prove your worth to Paragon City: Accolades, Trials, Villains, History, Exploration, Accomplishments, Achievements, Special Events, or Task Forces. You name it, we get it.

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