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Influence Farming

Influence is the currency that makes the City of Heroes world go round. You need it to boost your character abilities with enhancements and loading up on inspirations can make you a mean super-powered killing machine. If you have the influence to spare, inspirations can become your best friend in helping you kill fast and level even faster.

Here’s a tactic you can try if you have a lot of influence saved up and can afford to splurge: choose a spot close to an inspiration vendor, like a Quartermaster, buy a whole bunch of inspirations, like several damage or accuracy inspirations, then use all the inspirations at once and kill as many enemies as you can while they are still active. Heal. Repeat. You’ll be amazed and ecstatic at just how powerful you are as you watch your XP bar soar.

Employing this tactic can cost you a lot of influence, although it is a sweet way to make some fast XP. Having enough Influence for the best Enhancements or for those extra Inspirations can truly make a difference for your character. If you are low in Influence or just want more Influence, we can farm Influence for you.

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    750g = $74.98
    500g = $54.98

    750g = $74.98
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