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City of Heroes CoH Powerleveling Service

City of Heroes Powerleveling is a CoH service

Many players come to find that the best part of the City of Heroes: CoH gaming world is PvP and Task Force missions, while leveling your hero character is just a means to an end and gets old quickly after the initial novelty of a new game wears off. That’s why we’re here, to provide you with a safe and easy powerleveling service so you can skip the monotony of monster grinding and missions and focus on PvP and other more enjoyable aspects of the game than just killing monster after monster.

With arenas and the PVP zones in City of Heroes, it has finally become an exciting game! There’s nothing in gaming like the adrenalin rush of coming up against a real person in the virtual world, a live unpredictable enemy! Not quite the same as fighting automated thoughtless mobs that just respawn. The anticipation, the tension, the quickened heartbeat, and then the unmistakable satisfaction of triumph – or the dismay of defeat which just makes you want to kick butt even more! After PvP, leveling your hero character seems like such a drag.

But fear not, we can powerlevel your hero for you so you can use your game time for other stuff like PvP or Task Force missions. CoH Powerleveling is quite convenient when you want to level an alt too. You’ve seen all the level up content already, so leveling a second hero toon will be even less exciting. If you want to level faster, we are here for all your power leveling needs.

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