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City of Villains CoV Services

City of Villains CoV Services
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City of Villains (CoV) is the evil twin game of City of Heroes. In city of Villains, players more suited for the dark side can take up arms against the heroes and work their way up the rungs of scum to become powerful arch-criminals bent on world domination. Villains complete quests by conspiring with the gangs and other evil doers of the city to attain evil ends which involve heists, kidnappings, and so on. Villains can build fortresses, form super groups, and even compete in combat against those goody Heroes.

Yeh! for Games, Inc. offers powerleveling services for City of Villains players who want to get their desired level more quickly. Our gamers will safely power level your character and you will get back a more powerful toon thatís more fun to play.


    Itís the greatest Villain scheme of all time, having someone else do the dirty work while you sit back and pet your evil kitty cat, letting out the intermittent evil laugh at just how powerful youíre becoming. Let us do the power leveling dirty work and get you to the level you want. We will powerlevel your City of Villains character to get you levels in just days compared to the endless hours of grinding and missions you would have to do. We will complete missions and get you infamy and badges while we powerlevel too. Power level your way to any higher level of your choice and enjoy your heightened Villain super powers sooner.

Infamy Farming

    Low on Infamy? Youíve come to the right place. We can farm infamy for your City of Villains character by either playing your character or transferring infamy to your character in-game. Get more Infamy so you can buy the best enhancements to uncover the true potential of your Villain powers and always have extra infamy for high-powered inspirations.

Mission Completer

    Some missions in the City of Villains are boring, tedious, or just plain stupid. But if you donít feel like doing them, you donít have to. With Mission Completer, we will finish missions for you. Just pick the missions youíd like us to complete from our mission list and weíll take care of it. Weíll play your City of Villains character until we finish all missions on your list, then you can go back to doing more of the stuff you actually enjoy in the game, like killing Heroes!

Badge Farming

    With our badge farming service, we will complete the required tasks or missions to get the badges you want for your Villain. You pick the badges, we get them for you, whether they be Accolades or the super cool Gladiator Badges, you can get any and all the badges you want easily.

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