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CoV City of Villains Infamy

Infamy Farming

Infamy is the game currency in City of Villains and can be earned by defeating enemies and completing missions which prove and increase your notoriety. Infamy can be used to purchase enhancements and inspirations for your villain, among other benefits.

Get enhancements and inspirations from Quartermasters, contacts, and special stores. Adding powerful enhancements in your power slots makes a big difference with bonuses like increased range, added damage, and lowered cool-down time. Obviously, the more benefit these enhancements give, the more infamy they will cost you. But they are worth it for sure. With higher range for your powers, you can snipe a target from farther away giving you more time to deal damage while the enemy comes to attack you. With lowered cool-down time, you can use your more powerful powers more often in a fight. And with higher damage, you can obviously kill much faster. You can imagine how much difference it can make if you have all your powers fully slotted with high-powered enhancements.

You may find it hard to earn enough infamy through normal play to get all the cool enhancements you really want which means you might need to do a lot of extra grinding or missions. If you want the infamy without all the long boring hours of gameplay, buy your infamy here and let us do the farming for you.

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