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City of Villains CoV Powerleveling Service

City of Villains Powerleveling is a CoV service

Doing missions and grinding to level up your Villain is fun the first few levels, until it starts to take longer and longer to gain additional levels leaving less time to partake in other more enjoyable aspects of the game like arena Combat. And it could take you months to get to the fun end-game content that keeps improving with each new issue. With the release of Issue 12: The Midnight Hour, for example, comes the arrival of the long-awaited Villain Epic Archetypes. At level 50, Villains gain access to 2 new Epic Archetypes, Blood Widows or Wolf Spiders, with unique power combinations and costumes.

Skipping some levels may be just what you need to make the City of Villains game more fun for you, so if you’re tired of grinding and repetitive missions, let our gamers power level your CoV toon to any level you desire.

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