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Final Fantasy XI FFXI Gil

Gil Farming for FFXI

Along with fame and experience, Gil is one of the most important features in Final Fantasy XI and has a lot of impact on your FFXI game play. With Gil, you can buy important items that play a major role in determining your characterís overall power - like weapons and armor. The better your gear and weapons, the more damage you can do while at the same time minimizing the damage you take. This means you are more powerful and able to take down enemies more easily and quickly and the more of an asset you become to your party. Good gear and items like food can improve you vital stats and other enhancements like strength, dexterity, and agility. Needless to say, these all add up to make a world of difference.

The auction house is a place where players can buy and sell items from and to other players. Instead of grinding in a certain world area hoping for the loot drop that you really want, you may be able to simply purchase that item in the auction house. The more Gil you have, the better weapons, armor, and any other items you can afford.

If you are low on Gil but donít want to grind to fill up your Gil purse, we can farm Gil for you. Our Gil Farming service is safe and secure and is the easiest way to make your Final Fantasy XI character filthy rich!

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    Class 2 Days Required 3 Days Required
    Black Mage
    600g = $54.98

    900g = $74.98
    500g = $54.98

    750g = $74.98
    500g = $54.98

    750g = $74.98
    Red Mage
    500g = $54.98

    750g = $74.98
    500g = $54.98

    750g = $74.98
    White Mage
    400g = $54.98

    600g = $74.98
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    Gil Farming Rules

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