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Hellgate London HGL Powerleveling Service

Hellgate: London Powerleveling

Hellgate London Powerleveling is an easy way for HGL players to skip ahead to higher levels in the game of Hellgate London where gameplay often becomes more fun. And sometimes players want to make an alternate character but donít want to go through the initial stages of the game over again. Whatever the reason, our Hellgate: London power leveling service can get your character to your desired level quickly.

In Hellgate: London, game play becomes more complex and interesting at higher levels. For example, characters get higher attribute points as they advance in level which allows them to equip rarer and better armor and weapons. This not only makes them look much cooler, but gives more damage and more armor points and special properties.

Players start the first few levels being able to equip only common (gray) items which are all similar and have no special properties. Enhanced (Green) items are worn to about level 10 and usually have one special property, deal more damage, have more armor, and also give you rarer components when broken down. Rare (blue) items usually have two enhancements and are even more powerful than the enhanced items. Legendary (Orange) are randomly-generated and very rare. They can have up to 4 special properties. Unique (Golden) items are also randomized and are very powerful.

Character powers and skills are also enhanced as you advance in your leveling. These will vary by class. For example, at higher levels, the Engineer class can mod its flying droid with armor and weapons.

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