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Rift takes place in the Planes of Telara. You must choose a shard (or server) to start playing Rift. Then you choose a faction, similar to WoW's Alliance and Horde Faction. In Rift, we also have 2 factions: Guardians and Defiant. There is no difference in which faction you choose except the races available to be played will be different just like in World of Warcraft. As Guardians, you can be the following races: Dwarves, High Elves, and Mathosians. Defiants can be the following races: Bahmi, Eth, and Kelari.

After choosing your race, you must now pick a class. In Rift, there are 4 classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Cleric. And within these 4 classes are 8 subclasses that make your character more unique. Leveling up to maximum level 50 will take a lot of gametime hours and accumulating favor and prestige for PvP rewards is also very time consuming.

Yeh! for Games, Inc. helps you get farther ahead in the game Rift since many people have real lives they need to attend to, but do not want to fall behind in their gaming life. Our gamers can play your toon on your behalf to get you levels, favor, prestige, gold, rewards, gear - you name! There are many ways to level up to 50 in Rift. Completing quests, participating in Rift Events, Dungeons, and Warfronts, are ways to leveling up in Rift. PvP rewards will be given to those that have Favor and upon reaching level 50, Prestige ranks will be granted to allow further growth in power of your Rift character.


Service Time Estimate Price
10 Levels 2 days $54.32
30 Levels 6 days $166.24
50 Levels 10 days $284.32 10% off
50,000 Favor 2 days $54.24
100,000 Favor 4 days $112.56
Prestige Rank 1 to 3 5 days $126.32
Prestige Rank 3 to 6 14 days $346.24
Prestige Rank 1 to 6 21 days $472.56 15% off

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Rift Service Rules

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold.
  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 2 real people, taking 8 hour shifts, will be playing your account 16 hours a day.
  • We will NOT respond to incoming tells by fellow players to maintain the confidentiality of your character.
  • We will participate in Rift Events or Warfronts or Instance Dungeons in order to level up quicker.
  • Please change your password after we send you an email indicating that your Rift Service has been completed.

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