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Star Trek Online, often referred to as STO, is a MMORPG that takes place in the in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. In STO, you are the captain of your own fully customizable and upgradeable ship with which you can explore new worlds, come in contact with new civilizations and complete quests known as “episodes” in order to obtain new items and other rewards.

Star Trek Online uses a system that differs a little from the traditional RPG format of levels. In STO, instead of leveling up you obtain different ranks. While there are only very few ranks in the game, they all consists of several grades. These grades can be referred to as levels, since they are basically the same thing. The 10 grades of rank 1 are basically level 1-10, while the 10 grades of rank 2 are level 11-20 etc.

The missions you need to complete in order to gain a higher rank plays either as strategic starship combat in space or as ground combat, where you and four teammates play faster action filled missions. Just like in other MMORPGs, your choice of profession and class will greatly effect the way you play the game.

Yeh for Games Inc. can, as the first American company, offer Star Trek Online services for the STO gaming community. We’ll get you to the max level in no time, or make sure that you have all the energy credits you need in order to make your game experience more fun and less stress.

Buy Star Trek Online Power Leveling

    Powerlevel your STO character in order to reach the highest rank. Our powerleveling service is one hundred percent safe and you will get to keep everything we obtain while leveling. So, what are you waiting for? Become a powerful Admiral while filling your inventory with energy credits and gear!

Buy Star Trek Online Energy Credits

    In order to upgrade your items and your starship you will need energy credits, which are often referred to as gold. Buying STO Gold will give enable you to pimp out your Starship and make your gaming experience more fun and less grind.

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