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Do you feel that climbing through grade after grade to reach the different ranks have become repetitive and boring? Would you like to have someone else level your character so that you can focus at improving your gear and ship where it actually matters: at max level? If you say “yes” to any of these questions, turn to Yeh for Games passionate gamers and let us powerlevel your character. We offer the only safe and American alternative for STO powerleveling.

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    Power Leveling Rules

    • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold.
    • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 2 real people, taking 9 hour shifts, will be playing your account 18 hours a day.
    • Please refrain yourself from logging in during the service, as this will delay the order. If you want to check on progress, you can check the status of your character's level by logging into our website with your email and clicking "Order Status". From there you will see the current level and a screenshot updated every 12 hours. If you prefer to play everyday, try our Part-time Power leveling Service where you can set certain hours that we play and you play.
    • We will NOT respond to incoming tells by fellow players to maintain the confidentiality of your character.
    • We will leave any items and gold acquired during the Power leveling service. You keep everything because our business is 100% service based so we do not have any use for your gold or items. It is in our best interest to leave as much gold and items to make you happier so you come back for more services.
    • After completion of the powerleveling service, please change your password since we are no longer responsible for it.

    With Star Trek Online, the many fans of the Star Trek series will finally be experience and play a role in the events of its rich universe. In this huge game, players can chose to level up a captain of a Federation starship or play as a Klingon Warlord to fight, conquer and pillage.

    In STO, players can visit places they recognize from Star Trek fiction or explore new star systems and form new relationships and alliances with new alien species. With many missions taking the form of an episode, Star Trek Online makes the player a star in his/her very Star Trek episode. The future of the Star Trek universe is in your hands as the franchise moves into the 25th century: a time when new discoveries and alliances decides who will rule and who will be ruled. As you level up using Yeh for Games STO powerleveling service, you will play an increasingly important rule in the events of the Star Trek Online universe.

    As is the case with most MMO’s, the Star Trek Online universe is constantly added on to and expanding. This gives a sense of unpredictability and new races and empires might emerge from the dark corners of the universe, changing the power balance and your role in it. Make sure you’re at the forefront, being a part of new events and wars as they happen, by reaching max level as soon as possible. We will level you up, leaving you with a ship and character ready take on an important role in things to come.

    Since one of the main focuses in sci-fi in general and Star Trek in particular is on exploring, this makes for the perfect setting for a dynamic and long lasting MMORPG. The timeframe of Star Trek Online takes place even after the latest movies, so everything experienced will be new and exciting.

    Also, Star Trek Online will feature both space and ground combat right away. It is likely that both kinds of combat will be improved in future patches, but they’re both fully functional right out of the box! The ability to control both your starship and your character will lead you into the furthest corners of space, across unvisited planets and onboard starships. But remember, no matter where you go you’re still the captain!

    In space, direct intense battles or enter warp to explore parts of the galaxy where no one’s ever gone before. To help you with any... unexpected difficulties, you have an arsenal of weapons for all purposes. I wouldn’t want to be guy/girl/alien standing in your way!

    In ground combat, you are joined by four subordinates that will follow your orders. Of course they do, you’re their captain. But this power comes with responsibility, one wrong step and you and your crew might end up never again returning to your home planet. Of course, your ship can be customized and upgraded as you progress through the game. Everything from looks to weaponry and other features can be changed by you. Pimp my space ride! This, combined with the possibility to create your own species in Star Trek Online, enables you to create your own background story. For those of you who really enjoys the role playing aspect of MMORPGs, Star Trek Online is the way to go. By power leveling your Star Trek Online character, you can make sure to skip to the meaningful content right away!

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