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San**in: well anyway, i would like to say that your service was very good so far
San**in: better than the companies from china lol, who cant speak english to make things a lot harder

you guys are great, this is ther 3rd time ive used ya'll and so far flawless, when you in game could you possibly go Do Not Disturb with the message "i dont care, im pvp'ing" my guild would get a kick out of that, thanks agian, Michael Mu***

Hi, I have ordered some pvp honour grinding and some mag'har reputation grinding from you before and I was very pleased. I was wondering though with the new patch and the new netherwing faction, if I got part time powerlevelling say for 48 hours, would you grind the netherwing eggs and mine nethercite ore for me, and maybe some of the daily quests? thanks a lot!! Grant Ha***n

txs for getting back to me, you know that in july30 i will move to any server you need me to and that i will need you for the arena weapons for both then i will be going for the healing set for Dr***n and the Ret set for Lo***oy so will take awhile. all and all i'm happy with your service i'mglad i use you all Ed

Ps good job on pvp. Got my arena gloves this week and hope to see more soon
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I am very happy with your service. I changed my password when the guys were getting close to the limit required as I felt that was sufficient help. I hope to use your services again, Ke***

dgosn***: trust me - word on the street is that if you want to keep your account - you use Yeh
dgosn***: to answer your question - a combination of places 1) I did a search of us based PL orgs and 2) I read through the forums at - the few times your company was mentioned it was in a good light
YehforGames: ok, the billing department said your refund has been complete
YehforGames: let me know if it hasn't and i will look into it
dgosn***: ya know how they say if someone is happy with the job you did they may tell 1 or 2 people - but if they're not happy they're going to tell everybody?
YehforGames: yes sounds just about right
dgosn***: I'm deal with tier3 support in my job so I understand that premise well - the fact that you are hardly mentioned at all on one of the biggest anti-PL sites on the web says alot about the quality of the service you guys do
YehforGames: thanks for your feedback Dwight, hope to be able to help you in the future
dgosn***: I see that the refund has been completed - need to deal with the temp hold paypal has on it now - hope they're support folks are as cool as you've been this morning
dgosn***: thank you for everything

Hello Yehforgames I would just like to thank you guys so far for what you guys have done for me i really do respect you guys for what you do !! Thank You Clinton M***

Yeh, First I would like to thank you (Yeh) for the time spent and Honor gained on my Druid. I am nearly now a Legionnaire, and Lord willing, plan to be with you guys until Warlord. I wanted to make sure I filled out the order form correctly, since I think I may had made a mistake. As an aside, I am thankful that a U.S. company has stepped up and began a service like this. It's been needed. This is my first experience with a power-leveling service, because up to this point, I was cautious to deal with a foreign company because i've heard they steal gold and try to scam people entirely. If all goes well, I will be happy to continue working with you. If you have any questions or comments in relation to my account/order, feel free to email me or AIM me at: ***. Thanks! ~Matthew

Okay thanks very much and I appreciate the fast response, I am very pleased with the level of service so far and have recommended several of my friends. I wish your farmers all the best and I will continue to support Yehforgames!
Regards, Michael

Fre*** says: yeah i have heard alot of goodthings about u guys
Fre*** says: thats y im here checking u guys out
Fre*** says: c if its worth the money says: great, where did you hear about us?
Fre*** says: cause im in australia
Fre*** says: a mate of mine that plays in our server lives in US..and he mention to me about how good u guys r

No I dont want to troublw you guys too much i must say though you are doing and AMAZING job i was with another on-line service for PVP honor farming and i must say you make them look like kids. I will diffently be with you guys till Grand Marshal thanks alot. BTW I have another account that i can inspect my character from os i can see how much honor i am getting when i want just have to catch you between BG's. Rob

AC**Doors: i see, i have to say that yehforgames English is definately the winning factor for me
AC**Doors: good honor gain so far too

Micheal: Yo, you guys did a really great job last time getting me 200k honor <3. Keep up the good work and thank you XD

BTW you guys are doing a great job abd 2 of my friends start your service next tuesday hope to hear from you soon you guys rock!!!!!!!!!! ~Kim

CoM**001: ill b buying another 2 weeks of ur pvp lvling im so happy with it

Jacob says: hello I'm very impressed with the amount of honor the leveler is getting me. I would like to know how much more time I have already paid for so that i can purchase more. :-)

Mi**n: thank you sooo much, i can really rely on yeh for future worldofwarcraft needs :). Im not sure if I will make GM this week though :(, sooo close but this weeks been a hectic week for the server medivh with the updates and restarts, plz tell the ranker to work really hard till tuesday. Thank you again.

B**sx: :) Just wanted to say thanks for all of yehforgames help and that this is one of the best service ive had.

M**Blitz: ok, well i will be in contact, i really like the excellent customer support btw! keep up the good work!
M**Blitz: i will be coming back for future services as well, this customer support has impressed me

CAN***LP: i purchased your service las friday and couldn't be happier
CAN***LP: i would like to use you guys untill i get rank 14
CAN***LP: when should i pay for next week so the service is uninterrupted on friday?

I was also wondering if I could request that you purchase the regular arrows and not the high end AV arrows. My bank roll is taking a beating, lol. Otherwise I am very pleased with your service and you can quote me on it. I was a bit nervous about using your services and was delighted to see that not only am I getting great honor but you are getting me a lot of HK as well, which means your not just cave dwelling. Thank you tons! Jeremy

Hey there, Yeh I saw that they were up to lev 58 and thought Id finish it off to get to know the class =) THanks a lot for the work, it was great. Now Im thinking about getting a character honor farmed! Ill decide which one and let you guys know soon =) Seeya Steve

JaM***Nk21: thanks.. i already like your service better since you speak english

Colin says: thank you for the great job you did
Colin says: i can write a quick testimonial if you wish
Colin says: Yeh for Games did a amazing job leveling my character, they left him with better items, double my gold, and over 200 cloth to make bandages with. They leveled up my first aid by 120 And i only purchased 7 Levels. It was very quick and very affordable and when i logged on to my character i was amazed at all of the stuff they left me. Thanks a ton you guys did a great job!

Donald: Hey I am having you guys go from rank 8-14 for me. So far you guys are doing great I am sending in my payment of $160 tomorrow to continue for tuesday. Keep up the great work!

Hey, Thanks! I had been writing to two places that did the power leveling and you definitely just sold me on this place for one reason. Although they will do any level to any level for a fairly decent price, they're customer service is horrible and unfriendly (unlike yours) and so I would be happy to place an order. Sincerely, Lawrence

Also, I just wanted to mention that I had a really bad experience recently with a company named OforU and I lost a lot. My friend Kyle suggested that I try your company and related that you do quality work and are trustworthy. His word alone is why Iím trying this again with your company. Thank you again for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Wyllie

I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, I would of never seen rank 13 without your help. Thank you, -Jonathan

James says: looks like everything is gonig guys do a great job
James says: u guys are awesome...i see that you already have my guy at 30
James says: did it under the estimated time...that is insane

tom: ok i sent the payment and instructions
tom: did you receive the payment?
YehforGames: yes, we'll start on tuesday
tom: ok if you have any questions let me know
tom: i like your guys' service more than others ive tried
YehforGames: thank you, may i ask why?
tom: well because you are always playing the account at the right times and logged off at the right tiemes
tom: *times
tom: last service i used had problems with being logged on when i had specified i was going to play

Roger: alrighty, and is there anywhere on the site that i can post about how happy i was with this service?

Char**** says: im estimating i will use your service after i hit Grand marshal, proly 2 to 3 times a week for the different instances, along with getting my 60 hunter to FM / GM. I like your services and the flexability that you and the levelers have

sean****: hey...thanks for everything man, i really appericiate it, you guys really know how to treat a customer, ill recomend you to anyone that need grinding

today is the last day you need to level Bev***, I am going to log him in and play him and the week I paid for is up tonight. I very much appreciate your service you have outperformed my every expectation!!! Thank you very much and you can guarantee I will be paying for your services in the future. I appreciate your patience with me logging my character in. I appreciate your professionalism. Thanks, George

Dun***: thanks again guys, if i need another PL, you will be who i use im sure :-)

kgfoot: well thanks again, you guys are awesome! yall helped me reach knight last time!

Marius says: damn HOW can you lvl so fast
Marius says: your good

Hello, I recently aquired the epic hunter quest from molten core, and unfortunately due to time constraints I will not be able to complete the quest, and I was wondering if you guys would be able to do a special order and complete the quest for me, or know someone who might be able to, I have used you guys in the past and have always been pleased, and was just hoping you might be able to help out again. Thanks, Jeff

Tiger***4: hello
YehforGames: hi
Tiger***4: i just wanted to thank you...and say i wil strongly recomend your service to anyone
YehforGames: thank you it was a pleasure serving you

Got back from my business trip this morning so I log in right now. Thank you very much I'm looking for more business with you guys. Thx....John

Silvermoon says: i want to let you know that your service is excellent
Silvermoon says: i have used other services in the past, and this one is supreme compared to the rest
Silvermoon says: thought you should know

Eas*****9: I got my account already, thanks for everything. I will be more then happy to do business again with you guys, and i will highly recommed you.

Don F. says: oh no no problem =) just letting you know you guys are rocking!! <3

Thanks again, Love your service. Steve

Samuel: ok, i will send the money and schedule tonight. thanks for your help, I could of never got rank 13 without you guys :-)

p****13: hey man, i just checked my character, great job ysterday on the honor, looking good ^_^

Adam***ett: Thanks again, your speed replies to email questions is very good and shocking as other companys can take ages.

Blac***10: you guys are doing an awesome job

JMal***: wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding job this past week, i got standing 3 on the server which is pretty amazing.

M4x***sX: Hehe I know I will be spending my money with you guys! :-)

ct***nity: ok, it still looks like everything is going well. thanks for the help.

Mats****40: i just paypaled the money for seven more days, just so you know to i am very impressed with your service. thanks

Hello There, Thanks for your great service, I will be overseas now for another 8 months. -James

Sawye***TP: you guys do a really great job..i could'nt be happier

Corbett: Thanks again for you help and info always nice to know there is a friendly person on the other end of the email.

Yeh! for Games, I would just like to say thank you. You are perhaps one of the friendliest and most helpful customer service representatives I have ever had to deal with. My experience with your company has been nothing but positive and I promise that if I or any of the people I know ever need this service again you will be the one we use. Thank you again Richard

Epicwar***9: hey, i logged on today once for a couple of mins everythings good. i'm happy

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"I'm just gonna try to make it back safely to American soil and then I'll be glad to use a U.S. company to make sure I'm leveled up"
Lt. John Kendall,
4th Infantry Division - U.S. Army

"Yeh for Games could level characters without getting you banned, I think it was something to do with U.S. IP adresses, but whatever they did, it worked and it worked safely. I'm finally level 70"
Victoria Harrison, Girlfriend of Gamer

"I tried other power leveling sites before and their service is nothing compared to you guys. I just logged into the website and saw updated screenshots of my character, I really appreciate that. The order status said you guys will be done in 2 days so I wanted to go ahead and place another order"
George Owens, WoW Gamer

"We tried other companies but had no luck, I couldn't get any direct contact, just seemed risky. I felt more comfortable as a parent using this U.S. company, so my son would surely thank you too, if he's happy, I'm happy - Thanks Yeh for Games"
Russell Bryant, Father of Gamer

"Yeh for Games made it very easy to buy the levels that my son needed to be at to play with all his friends, and now he actually enjoys the game, it's not as stressful for him and my household because he's able to spend more time on his homework now"
Nancy Barnes, Mother of Gamer

"Everything I've read and everyone I've talked to says you guys are the safest and the best"
Peter Feldman, Father of Gamer

"You guys have helped me get my game back. I was really frustrated when I got here to Iraq and wasn't able to keep up with my friends back home. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me out here"
Lt. Mark Frenz, U.S. Army

"Now when his friends come over, they're like, you're the coolest mom ever, and I just have to thank Yeh for Games for that, bringing my son and I closer together"
Angele Norman, Mother of Gamer

"You guys got me up to a level 70, the kids are having a blast with me and the game so it's working out great"
Marty Hallson, Father of Gamers

"So it allows a lot more free time for my husband to spend with me. And I don't know if I'll ever get him to help me organize the garage but we're off to a good start - Yeh for Games was really fabulous"
Amy Phelps, Wife of Gamer

"I ordered last week to get my character leveled up to 60. Anyways, I'm level 60 now, that was pretty quick so I actually want to get leveled up to 70 now"
James Taylor, WoW Gamer

"They leveled my son's character and now he can spend more time on his homework. We both are really happy with Yeh for Games and we plan on using their other services a lot more in the future too"
Marilyn Williams, Mother of Gamer

"I found Yeh for Games and got myself a WoW Account. I started at my husband's level, level 70 and to his surprise, ended up with Season 4 Arena weapons. I have to say it was a blast playing with my husband so thank you Yeh for Games"
Jacki Cole, Wife of Gamer

"Customer service has been great, they're always available, they speak my language, and it just feels good to do business with an American company. Sometimes you send money to these foreign companies and you never know what you're gonna get"
Ishmael Smith, WoW Gamer

"I placed an order last month and cannot tell you how much I loved it"
Cathryn Kennedy, WoW Gamer