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WAR Warhammer Online Gold Pd

Gold Farming

Gold, the official currency of Warhammer Online, is also referred to as WAR Gold. As in most online games, having game currency allow players to purchase weapons, armor, and other game items to make their characters stronger and more resilient thus being able to take down mobs, bosses, or other players more easily.

Whether you need to buy weapons or armor, having more WAR Gold in Warhammer Online will allow you to level quicker without worrying about the strengths and resistances of your gear. Use our WAR Gold Farming services where we play your character directly to acquire WAR Gold.

For our WAR Gold services, we would need to have access to your character to be able to farm the WAR Gold for you on Warhammer. You should be at least level 36 or above. Depending on the type of career you are, the speed and amount of gold we can farm will vary. See our form below for details.

Warhammer Online Gold Farming Service Order Form

Career 2 Days Required 3 Days Required
Ranged DPS (Engineer, Bright Wizard, Shadow Warrior, Goblin Squig Herder, Magus, Sorcerer)
500g = $54.98

1000g = $86.98
Melee DPS (Witch Hunter, White Lion, Marauder, Witch Elf)
450g = $54.98

900g = $86.98
Tank (Ironbreaker, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Swordmaster, Black Orc, Chosen, Black Guard)
425g = $54.98

850g = $86.98
Healer (Runepriest, Warrior Priest, Archmage, Goblin Shaman, Zealot, Disciple of Khaine)
400g = $54.98

800g = $86.98
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Gold Farming Rules

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