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World of Warcraft, otherwise known as WoW, takes place in the world of Azeroth. As in many MMOs, players adventure in the virtual world fighting monsters and completing quests given by NPCs. In the World of Warcraft, success in these endeavors gives rewards such as WoW gold, weapons, armors, and experience. Players can also obtain PvP rewards for participating in PvP battles against other players in the PvP Battleground or Arena system.

Yeh! for Games, Inc. provides World of Warcraft services for the WoW gaming community. Your character can reach level 85 quickly and safely with our WoW Powerleveling service. While you are busy working, learning in school, or sleeping, we can farm PvP honor points, conquest points, and even form groups to run instance dungeons to make justice and valor points, and complete PvE quests for your toon.

PvP Honor Points Farming

    Do you want the Bloodthirsty Gladiator's PvP gear? We farm honor points for you 24/7 in all Battlegrounds so you can have good PvP gear without having to sacrifice your real life time to the boring PvP honor grind. We queue up for all Battlegrounds for you, including Warsong Gultch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Strand of the Ancients, Isle of Conquest, Battle of Gilneas, and Twin Peaks.

PvP Conquest Points Leveling and Personal Arena Rating

    WoW Arena leveling service is unlike any other farming or grinding service we offer. In order to be successful in the new World of Warcraft Arena system, one cannot just put hours on end, farming or grinding conquest points like the PvP Honor system. The arena system uses a rating system that can punish you for losing to teams worse than you, which essentially discourages grinding. That is why we did not release an Arena Leveling service so quickly like other websites that treat the Arena system as another "grind."

    One must have extraordinary PvP skills to reap the awesome gear that is of the Gladiator. That is why we only recruit the best arena gamers throughout the country to provide our WoW Arena service. Our company has now formed an A-team that is extremely hardcore in all PvP aspects of every class. Thus, we are confident that the Yeh! for Games' A-team can help you and your team gain access to the best gear in the game or your money back!

    In order to buy any Arena gear on World of Warcraft, your character must have the required Conquest Points and Arena rating for that item. Therefore, Yeh! for Games, Inc. provides 2 types of WoW Arena services to help you gain each of the requirements: Conquest Points and Personal Arena Rating.

Power Leveling

    Tired of grinding to level 85? or leveling in general? Want to play a different class but turned off by the thought of leveling? Fear no more - we make experience points for you so you can maximize your entertainment by playing your character at a higher level with more spells and powers to use. As you probably know, the game is very boring from level 1-84 because of the repetitive quests and endless grind.

Justice Points and Valor Points

    Because our gamers can speak fluent english, we form groups to Heroic Dungeons and get Justice Points or Valor Points for you so you can trade in for epic PvE rewards. We also do your Heroic Dungeon Daily Quest since it will give extra points everyday.

Instance Dungeon Runs and Loot

    How many times have you been disappointed because the item you really want doesn't drop? Or worse yet, it drops but you lose the roll? With American gamers in our company, we can easily communicate with fellow players in the World of Warcraft and find groups to run instance dungeons until we get the loot you so desire. With our dungeon service, you can either have us run a specific Dungeon for you, or you can have us farm a specific Dungon loot item for you, over and over, until your character gets it.

Raid Runs for DKP

    Yeh! for Games, Inc. proudly presents the first Raid DKP service. Some of the best gear is found in large raid encounters that are seemingly out of reach to many "casual" players who feel raiding is like a job.

    Because we are a U.S. incorporated company with employees who actually speak fluent English, we can make sure to tune in on your guild's Ventrilo or Teamspeak and attend all your guild raids so that when the epic of your dream drops, you'll have enough DKPs to outbid everyone and win the item.

PvP Honor Rewards

    Similar to our PvP Honor Points service except we've created a menu of every Level 80 PvP honor gear you can buy with PvP honor points. You can browse and simply choose which gear you want on your character without worrying how many honor points or Marks of Honor (BG tokens) you need to buy it. This is the easiest way to shop for the specific PvP weapons and armors you want.

    If you are unsure what type of PvP honor gear to get now, our PvP Honor Points Service to gain raw honor points would be best for you. You can use the points to purchase the gear yourself after we've accumulated the honor points for you.

PvP Arena Rewards

    Much like our Arena Leveling service, except we've created a menu of every seasonal arena gladiator gear for you to browse and simply choose which gear you want for your toon without the hassle of accumulating arena points and arena personal rating to buy it yourself. Keep in mind that during the arena service, you can still play everyday so it does not affect your own gameplay time. We will only play during your offline hours (while you work, sleep, study), you will just notice gladiator gear in your inventory about once every 2-3 weeks. This is essentially a combination of both of our Arena services (points and rating) together and is definitely the easiest way to shop for the specific Gladiator weapons and armors you want.

    If you are unsure what type of arena gear to get now or if you have more than one account and wish to receive discounts, our PvP Conquest Points Leveling Service to gain raw arena points would be best for you. You can use the points to purchase the gear yourself after we've accumulated the arena points for you.

Reputation Grinding

    Have you always wanted to ride that Nightsaber cat but the Night elf race wouldn't teach you because you were of the Human race? Such discrimination in a game is unacceptable! Fortunately, with an Exalted reputation, you can be given the ability to use another race's mount.

    Furthermore, getting Exalted reputation with certain factions also allows you to buy unique high-end recipes and items. However, as many level 80's know, the grind is just as boring as getting to level 80.

Gold Farming

    Need more gold to buy that epic mount? Our Gold Farming service allows us to farm gold right onto your character. As an added bonus, since we will be grinding mobs for gold, you will receive free experience and levels while gold is stockpiling up in your bag!

Profession Tradeskill Leveling

    Got a recipe drop but don't have enough skill points to learn it? You've come to the right place! No longer will you have to roam the entire map looking for herbs and minerals to gather. No longer will you have to create items over and over, trying to train your profession skill level. With our Profession trade skill leveling service, your character's profession skills will be leveled anywhere from 1-375. You decide!

Mount Service

    We provide a Mount Service to get you any mount in the World of Warcraft. Riding skill, gold, and reputation requirements for any mount that you order will be completed so you can ride your new mount without wasting so much time grinding the gold and reputation required.

Part-Time Services

    Do you want to use our WoW Services but want to play your character everyday too? For example, everyday after work or after school, you can play your character for a few hours and then when you stop, we pick up and continue playing your character so that it is continually getting stronger. Our Part-Time services allow you to buy a fixed number of hours of service from us and choose what you want us to do for your character, whether it be powerleveing, honor points farming, arena leveling, running instance dungeons…you name it, we do it.

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