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Achievement Points Grinding/Farming

Are you too busy raiding or running instances when you have time to play to go around exploring Azeroth? Are you having a bit of trouble slaying 15 turkeys in under 3 minutes? The Achievement System is a great way to gage your characters overall progress in WoW and as close as we as MMO'ers can get to a completion feeling since a large portion of MMO's success lies in the game never ending . The rewards range from ridable mounts to goofy and cool titles for your character but they take a long time to complete and that is where we come in.

Our professional gamers here at Yeh for Games, Inc. have compiled multiple achievement packages for your convenience and to save you money, each package contains a list of achievements included. Browse through for the package that most suits your needs and desires, they will be completed efficiently and honorably. Some packages do have requirements to be met by you such as epic flying skill or a quest chain completed to grant access to a specific dungeon.

Package Included Achievements Time Required Price
General click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before
To All the Squirrels Who Shared My Life
Pest Control
Friend or Fowl
Well Read
It's Happy Hour Somewhere
Tastes Like Chicken
Master of Arms
Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?
Going Down?
Journeyman in First Aid
Artisan in First Aid
Master in First Aid
Grand Master in First Aid
Stocking Up
Ultimate Triage
7 days $148.32
The Loremaster click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms
Loremaster of Kalimdor
Loremaster of Outland
Loremaster of Northrend
To Hellfire and Back
Mysteries of the Marsh
Terror of Terokkar
Nagrand Slam
On the Blade's Edge
Into the Nether
Shadow of the Betrayer
Nothing Boring About Borean
I've Toured the Fjord
Might of Dragonblight
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle
The Empire of Zul'Drak
Into the Basin
The Summit of Storm Peaks
Icecrown: The Final Goal
D.E.H.T.A's Little P.I.T.A.
Veteran of the Wrathgate
The Snows of Northrend
Guru of Drakuru
30 days $424.36
World Explorer click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Explore Eastern Kingdoms
Explore Kalimdor
Explore Outland
Explore Northrend
World Explorer
Explore Elwynn Forest
Explore Dun Morogh
Explore Trisfal Glades
Explore Eversong Woods
Explore Loch Modan
Explore Westfall
Explore Wetlands
Explore Silverpine Forest
Explore Ghostlands
Explore Redridge Mountains
Explore Duskwood
Explore Hillsbrad Foothills
Explore Swamp of Sorrows
Explore Badlands
Explore Stranglethorn Vale
Explore Alterac Mountains
Explore Arathi Highlands
Explore The Hinterlands
Explore Searing Gorge
Explore Blasted Lands
Explore Burning Steppes
Explore Deadwind Pass
Explore Western Plaguelands
Explore Eastern Plaguelands
Explore Isle of Quel'Danas
Explore Durotar
Explore Mulgore
Explore Teldrassil
Explore Azuremyst Isle
Explore The Barrens
Explore Darkshore
Explore Bloodmyst Isle
Explore Ashenvale
Explore Thousand Needles
Explore Stonetalon Mountains
Explore Desolace
Explore Dustwallow Marsh
Explore Feralas
Explore Tanaris Desert
Explore Azshara
Explore Felwood
Explore Un'Goro Crater
Explore Moonglade
Explore Silithus
Explore Winterspring
Explore Hellfire Peninsula
Explore Zangarmarsh
Explore Terokkar Forest
Explore Nagrand
Explore Blade's Edge Mountains
Explore Netherstorm
Explore Shadowmoon Valley
Explore Borean Tundra
Explore Howling Fjord
Explore Dragonblight
Explore Grizzly Hills
Explore Zul'Drak
Explore Sholazar Basin
Explore Crystalsong Forest
Explore Storm Peaks
Explore Icecrown
3 days $68.32
Player vs. Player click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Know Thy Enemy
Make Love, Not Warcraft
Gurubashi Arena Master
Gurubashi Arena Grand Master
Wrath of the Alliance / Wrath of the Horde
Death to the Warchief / Storming Stormwind
Bleeding Bloodhoof / Dead to the King!
Downing the Dark Lady / Immortal No More
Killed in Quel'Thalas / Putting Out the Light
For The Alliance! / For the Horde!
Grizzled Veteran

The achievements associated with the Arena System are a bonus for our customers ordering from our Arena Service.

The achievements associated with Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp are a bonus for our customers ordering from our PvP Honor Gear Service.
4 days $89.67
Dungeon click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Classic Dungeon Master
Outland Dungeon Master
Northrend Dungeon Master
Timear Forsees
Ragefire Chasm
Wailing Caverns
Shadowfang Keep
Blackfathoom Deeps
Stormwind Stockade
Razorfen Kraul
Razorfen Downs
Scarlet Monastery
Sunken Temple
Blackrock Depths
Lower Blackrock Spire
Upper Blackrock Spire
King of Dire Maul
Hellfire Ramparts
The Blood Furnace
The Slave Pens
Auchenai Crypts
The Escape From Durnholde
Sethekk Halls
Shadow Labyrinth
Opening of the Dark Portal
The Steamvault
The Shattered Halls
The Mechanar
The Botanica
The Arcatraz
Magister's Terrace
Utegarde Keep
The Nexus
Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Drak'Tharon Keep
The Violet Hold
Halls of Stone
Halls of Lightning
The Oculus
Utgarde Pinnacle
The Culling of Stratholme
7 days $142.56
Cook click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
The Cake Is Not A Life
Kickin' It Up a Notch
The Outland Gourmet
The Northrend Gourmet
Journeyman Cook
Expert Cook
Artisan Cook
Master Cook
Grand Master Cook
Dalaran Cooking Award
10 Dalaran Cooking Awards
25 Dalaran Cooking Awards
Second That Emotion
Critter Gitter
Dinner Impossible
Lunch Lady
Short Order Cook
Chef de Partie
Sous Chef
Captain Rumsey's Lager
Our Daily Bread
Hail to the Chef
7 days $142.56
Fishing click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Journeyman Fisherman
Expert Fisherman
Artisan Fisherman
Master Fisherman
Grand Master Fisherman
The Old Gnome and the Sea
The Scavenger
The Fishing Diplomat
Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box
One That Didn't Get Away
Old Crafty
Old Ironjaw
Deadliest Catch
The Lurker Above
Old Man Barlowned
Outland Angler
Northrend Angler
Chasing Marcia
Fish Don't Leave Footprints
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Silver in the City
There's Gold In That There Fountain
I Smell A Giant Rat
Turtles All the Way Down
25 Fish
50 Fish
100 Fish
250 Fish
500 Fish
1000 Fish
The Coin Master
9 days $184.32
Pre-Wrath Reputation click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
Somebody Likes Me
5 Exalted Reputations
10 Exalted Reputations
15 Exalted Reputations
20 Exalted Reputations
Ten Tabards
Ambassador of the Alliance / Horde
The Diplomat
They Love Me In That Tunnel
Hero of the Zandalar Tribe
The Burning Crusader
Cenarion War Hippogryph
Flying High Over Skettis
A Quest a Day Keeps the Ogres at Bay
You're So Offensive
On Wings of Nether
Oh My, Kurenai
Chief Exalted Officer
The Czar of Sporeggar
Shattrath Divided
Guardian of Cenarius
14 days $336.42
WotLK Reputation click here to expand achievements-->+
Included in package:
The Argent Champion
The Argent Dawn
The Argent Crusade
Frenzyheart Tribe
The Oracles
Mercenary of Sholazar
The Wyrmrest Accord
The Kirin Tor
Knightd of the Ebon Blade
Northrend Vanguard
The Winds of the North
16 days $384.24

Single Achievements

Do you have a large amount of achievements already completed and looking for some help around the edges? Here are the achievements we are currently offering in a single purchase state to help you tie up those loose ends, or maybe you are just tired of doing low level quests to knock out that painful Loremaster achievement.

General Time Required Price
Well Read 72 hours $68.46
It's Happy Hour Somewhere 10 hours $10.36
Tastes Like Chicken 60 hours $58.42
Master of Arms 8 hours $8.46

Quests Time Required Price
The Green Hills of Stranglethorn 14 hours $14.69
Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms 10 days $236.42
Loremaster of Kalimdor 10 days $236.42
To Hellfire and Back 8 hours $8.46
Mysteries of the Marsh 8 hours $8.46
Terror of Terokkar 8 hours $8.46
Nagrand Slam 10 hours $10.46
On the Blade's Edge 10 hours $10.46
Into the Nether 16 hours $15.84
Shadow of the Betrayer 16 hours $15.84
Loremaster of Outland 3 days $84.26
Nothing Boring About Borean 16 hours $15.84
I've Toured the Fjord 16 hours $15.84
Might of Dragonblight 16 hours $15.84
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle 16 hours $15.84
The Empire of Zul'Drak 16 hours $15.84
Into the Basin 16 hours $15.84
The Summit of Storm Peaks 16 hours $15.84
Icecrown: The Final Goal 20 hours $19.24
Honorary Frenzyheart 6 days $52.34
Savior of the Oracles 6 days $52.34
The Snows of Northrend 9 hours $9.54
Guru of Drakuru 9 hours $9.54
Loremaster of Northrend 72 hours $68.24
The Loremaster 30 days $424.36

Exploration Time Required Price
Explore Eastern Kingdoms 24 hours $24.62
Explore Kalimdor 24 hours $24.62
Explore Outland 12 hours $12.46
Explore Northrend 12 hours $23.46
World Explorer 12 hours $12.46

Player vs. Player Time Required Price
Gurubashi Arena Master 6 hours $8.46
Gurubashi Arena Grand Master 72 hours $64.42
For The Alliance! / For the Horde! 38 hours $52.42
Grizzled Veteran 6 hours $8.46

Professions Time Required Price
Skills to Pay the Bills 72 hours $69.24
The Cake Is Not A Lie 7 hours $7.69
Kickin' It Up a Notch 4 days $54.69
Our Daily Bread 4 days $54.69
Old Crafty 5 days $64.24
Old Ironjaw 5 days $64.24
Deadliest Catch 14 hours $16.54
The Lurker Above 14 hours $16.54
Old Man Barlowned 5 days $42.54
Chasing Marcia 5 days $42.54
A Penny For Your Thoughts 7 days $64.52
Silver in the City 7 days $64.52
There's Gold In That There Fountain 7 days $64.52
I Smell A Giant Rat 6 days $64.52
Turtles All the Way Down 6 days $64.52
The Coin Master 18 days $168.24

Reputation Time Required Price
Ambassador of the Alliance 12 days $178.24
They Love Me In That Tunnel 7 days $156.24
Flying High Over Skettis 10 days $156.24
A Quest a Day Keeps the Ogres at Bay 7 days $156.24
You're So Offensive 7 days $156.24
On Wings of Nether 1 day $32.46
Oh My, Kurenai 30 days $156.24
The Czar of Sporeggar 3 days $74.24
Skyshattered 1 day $32.24
The Argent Crusade 2 days $54.24
Tuskarrmageddon 4 days $82.56
Frenzyheart Tribe 20 days $156.24
The Oracles 20 days $156.24
Mercenary of Sholazar 50 days $254.16
The Wyrmrest Accord 3 days $52.24
The Kirin Tor 3 days $52.24
Knights of the Ebon Blade 3 days $52.24
Northrend Vanguard 15 days $188.42
The Winds of the North 30 days $146.38

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Achievement Hunting Service Rules

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold except the usage of bandages which are useful for certain classes during the Dungeon runs, PvP combat, and Questing Achievements.

  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. A professional WoW gamer will be playing your character to complete your Achievements as quickly as possible.

  • We may respond to incoming tells by fellow WoW members to if we need to complete Dungeon and Raid Achievements.

  • After completion of the Achievement Hunting service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.

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