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Justice Points

Justice Points (JP) are the currency in WoW which can be used to buy level 80 PvE Gear, most notably the Tier sets. Justice points can also be used to buy Bind-to-Account (Hierloom items), a new type of item added in the Wrath of the Lich King® expansion. This means you can trade these items to other characters on your account! The Bind on Account items will be equivalent of a blue item of the character level, scaling down with level. For example, if a level 80 sword gives 140 stamina and 60 strength, at level 1 it would give 2 stamina and 1 strength. At level 1, it is overpowered since level 1 items do not have any stat increases at all; this level 1 Bind on Account item is equivalent to a level 10 green or level 1 blue. Using these items will definitely twink out your lower level characters.

Since the Justice Points are obtained from bosses in PvE dungeons or raids, we must login to one of your level characters to farm Justice points for you. Our professional gamers will communicate effectively in groups, providing you a specialized service to farm JP points by forming groups to run Normal or Heroic Dungeons and Raids on your behalf.


If you already know what PvE gear you want to buy with Justice Points, you may prefer ordering from our Tier 10 Gear page instead. If you have any specific request regarding your PvE Justice Points service, email us after placing your order.

Service Time Estimate Price
1,000 justice points 1 day $34.32
2,500 justice points 2 days $86.96
4,000 justice points 3 days $136.44
7,000 justice points 5 days $245.24 10% off
10,000 justice points 7 days $349.86 15% off

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Justice Points Grinding Service Notes & Rules

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold. However, keep in mind that we will need to use some gold for repairs since we will be instancing quite frequently to farm Justice Points for your character.

  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 1 real person will be playing your account in the instance dungeon.

  • We will ONLY respond to incoming tells by fellow group members to cooperate effectively in the instance. All other incoming whispers not relevant to teamwork within the instance dungeon will not be responded.

  • If your character's talent tree is speced for pure PvP, we MAY respec your talents to Group PvE to function efficiently in the instance dungeon unless otherwise instructed by you.

  • If you cannot enter a dungeon because of reputation restrictions or not keyed, you will need to raise your reputation or have us help you through our Reputation Grinding Service.

  • The time estimates for accumulating Justice Points may differ, depending on your server since we require 4 other players to group with in order to enter dungeons to earn these JP points.

  • After completion of the Justice Points Grinding service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.

Patch 4.0.1 PvE Currency Changes
(taken from the World of Warcraft Official Site)

  • All Emblems of Frost and Emblems of Triumph have been converted to new Justice Points.
  • Any dungeon or raid which awarded these emblems will reward Justice Points instead. Anything below Emblems of Triumph, including badges from The Burning Crusade dungeon and raid content, have been converted into gold and sent to players via the in-game mail system.
  • Any bosses players defeat that are level-appropriate to them award Justice Points.
  • All items that previously cost emblems or badges of any type now cost Justice Points.
  • Higher-tier Valor Points will be awarded to players who kill dungeon and raid bosses in the latest tier of PvE content after the launch of Cataclysm.

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