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Part-Time Services

With our part-time service, you choose the total hours that you want your character played for and also choose the time schedule that you want your toon to be played at. Make it a scheduled power leveling service or a scheduled pvp honor leveling service, so that you can still login everyday during the hours not serviced to play your character! Or better yet, why not set some hours of service when you are sleeping or working? These time slots are when your character cannot be played by you anyways, so get the most out of your monthly subscription by having our gamers play your toon when you can't.

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Note: Please set a schedule allotting at least 6 hours per day for us to service your account.

Reminder: Do not forget to enter your account details in the Paypal checkout process.

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Part-Time Service Rules

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold.
  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character.
  • We will NOT respond to incoming tells by fellow players to maintain the confidentiality of your character.
  • We will leave any items and gold acquired during the service. You keep everything because our business is 100% service based so we do not have any use for your gold or items. It is in our best interest to leave as much gold and items to make you happier so you come back for more services.
  • After completion of the part-time service, please change your password since we are no longer responsible for it.

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