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Need Exalted reputation with a certain faction? As many level 85's know, the grind is just as boring as getting level 85. Many high-end recipes and items are available to those who show their loyalty to certain factions. Even more interesting, a high reputation can even grant you the ability to use another race's mount! Imagine an undead riding a Kodo Beast, or better yet, a gnome riding a Nightsaber cat. With our reputation grinding service, we will run any dungeon or do any repeatable daily quests for you over and over until you get your desired reputation status - be it Honored, Revered, or Exalted.

Reputation Faction Rewards

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Reputation Grinding & Farming Rules

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold.

  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 2 real people, taking 9 hour shifts, will be playing your account 18 hours a day.

  • We will NOT respond to incoming tells by fellow players to maintain the confidentiality of your character.

  • We will NOT kill any NPCs which give you a Dishonorable kill.

  • We WILL turn in quest items or runecloths to gain reputation for your specified faction.

  • We will leave all items and gold acquired during the service on your character. You keep everything because our business is 100% service based so we do not have any use for your gold or items. It is in our best interest to leave as much gold and items to make you happier so you come back for more services.

  • After completion of the Reputation Farming service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for your account.

Championing: Wrath of the Lich King Reputation Changes

In Wrath of the Lich King reputation gain with several factions is revamped through a new feature called Championing. Championing means by wearing the tabard of a faction, you gain reputation with that faction in any dungeon that is level 80 in normal mode or in any heroic dungeon. Obviously for this to work tabards - that were only obtainable at exalted so far - had to be changed, so now they are available at friendly. An important change is that you don't gain reputation in any dungeon for any faction - except for the Horde Offensive / Valiance Expedition factions - without wearing a tabard and championing in no way works with older factions.

In normal dungeons an elite trashmob gives 5 reputation, single pull, superstrong trashmobs reward 10 reputation and a boss is worth 50 reputation. In heroic dungeons non-elite mobs give 2 reputation, elite trashmobs are worth 3 times the normal, so 15 and 30 reputation and bosses net 5 times as the normal, 250 reputation. Note: boss encounters that involve more than one NPCs tagged as ?? boss (like the second encounter of Utgarde Keep) reward boss reputation for each of these NPCs.

The shortest dungeons sum up to a 300 gain in normal mode, 1000 in heroic mode, the longest dungeons are close to 700 in normal and 2000 in heroic. The values only triple because both versions of a dungeon have the same amount of mobs. Trashpacks in heroic versions aren't bigger and there aren't more packs either, the same mobs are just tuned to be harder with more HP and stronger abilities.

New factions that are available for championing:

  • Argent Crusade: they came to be by uniting the Argent Dawn and Order of the Silver Hand for a common goal. Quests get you to honored, from there you can do a daily quest in Zul'drak (that is 6 dailies in fact) and if you do it in 20 minutes you are rewarded +950 reputation. They also have a tabard so championing works with them. The most notable rewards are head enchants and at random epics.
  • Kirin Tor: the Dalaran dudes. Quests get you to neutral, from there you can do cooking / jewelcrafting dailyquests for +150 reputation each or the normal and heroic dungeon daily quest for +250 reputation. They are also available for championing. They sell similar stuff as the Argent Crusade.
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade: where there's Scourge there are friendly Death Knights. Quests get you to honored, Icecrown has massive amounts of dailies for them for close to +3000 reputation. Championing also works and their rewards are similar to the previous 2 factions.
  • The Wyrmrest Accord: the dragonflights united against the Blue Dragonflight. They have 1 daily quest in Wyrmrest Temple for +250 reputation, in addition they have a tabard so championing can get you similar rewards as the previous 3 faction and also a Red Drake mount at exalted.
  • New factions that aren't available for championing:
  • Frenzyheart Tribe / The Oracles: the two factions of Sholazar Basin, similar to the Aldors and Scryers. Quests get you to honored, you can only progress with daily quests from this point. There are 3 sets of dailies, they give +1700 reputation every day. At exalted they sell epic trinkets!
  • The Kalu’ak: The tuskarr faction in Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and Borean Tundra. Quests get you to revered and so far I have found no way to gain additional reputation even though they sell an epic fishing pole at exalted!
  • The Sons of Hodir: friendly giants in The Storm Peaks. The long questchain gets you to neutral. At first you get 2 dailies, then at friendly a third, at honored a fourth each of them for +250 reputation. Their most important rewards are 2 mammoth mounts and the shoulder enchants.

There are 4 new "home" factions and 1 in Dalaran too (f) you get reputation through questing but they don't have rewards so they are not available for championing. For the curious they are on the horde side: Horde Expedition, Warsong Offensive, The Taunka, Hand of Vengeance and The Sunreavers in Dalaran; for the alliance: Valiance Expedition, Explorers' League, The Frostborn and in Dalaran The Silver Covenant.

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