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Do you find yourself spamming trade chat often LF tank or healer? You waste a lot of gaming time AFKing in town looking for a tank or healer to party with you. Its even harder to find a well-geared character to group with because they already have their uber-geared guild mates. Furthermore, sharing your account password and having us play on your behalf does not make you feel secure. Now, you don't have to worry about that because you can now hire a sidekick to accompany you in dungeons, raids, quests, battlegrounds, arenas, or simply just leveling! With our Sidekick service, you choose the role you want your sidekick to be and the total hours that you want your sidekick to party alongside with you. You can even choose the exact time you want your sidekick to play alongside with you so that you can fit this service into your busy real life schedule. If security, time, and fun, is important to you, then consider having a partner sidekick to help you in the game since it not only keeps your account 100% secure, you can also play better with a personal assistant by your side!

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Note: When checking out, write N/A for the account login and password since we do not need your login info, but enter your character name and server so your sidekick can find you online.

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Sidekick Service Notes & Policies

  • Please set a schedule allotting at least 2 hours per session for your Sidekick to play alongside with you. Usage of 1 hour sessions will be rounded up to 2 hours. Minutes will be rounded to the next hour; for example, 5 hours and 20 minutes will be rounded to 6 hours of sidekick service.
  • After ordering the sidekick service, you can email us a more detailed schedule of when you want to use your sidekick service hours. For example, if Joe orders 20 hours of sidekick service, he could email us saying that he wants 6 hours on Monday from 5pm-11pm EST, 2 hours on Tuesday from 3pm-5pm EST, 8 hours on Wednesday from 11am-7pm EST, and 4 hours on Saturday from 11pm-3am EST.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of this service, your sidekick will limit their in-game chatting with you. If you need to communicate with them for important issues in the game, please contact our Live Chat Support by clicking on the icon to your left, or email
  • Your sidekick will login at your designated scheduled time and invite you to his party and then give you leadership so that you can queue up a dungeon, BG, arena, or your sidekick will begin following you if you do not queue for anything. Who said only hunters, warlocks, and DKs could have pets?
  • After completion of the Sidekick Service, we will send you an email notifying you that your service is complete.

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