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If you don't like raiding, or don't have a consistent guild that runs raids, or simply don't have the time to run raids, then you are in need of our gaming service to get you Valor Points every week. Valor Points are the WoW currency rewarded for participating in 10-man or 25-man Raids. The valor points are used to purchase Tier sets. There is a weekly cap of 1250 valor points per week, but there is no hard cap at all, meaning you can make more than 4000 valor points (unlike justice points). Therefore, our gamers will make sure to make about the weekly cap of 1250 valor points per week so you can maximize your valor point farming service that we provide to you with the highest quality service you can expect from a professional gaming service company - Yeh! for Games, Inc.


Time estimates indicate the total time it takes to complete, even though you can still play your toon everyday. Time estimates DO NOT indicate the total time that we need to use your account so feel free to play everyday. We do not need to play your toon nonstop to make valor points as we are limited by the weekly cap of 1250 valor points per week. After we've reached the max per week, you are free to login and play your toon whenever you'd like.

Service Time Estimate Price
1,000 valor points 3 days $48.32
2,500 valor points 8 days $124.96
4,000 valor points 24 days $196.44
7,000 valor points 35 days $349.24 10% off
10,000 valor points 45 days $500.86 15% off

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Valor Points Grinding Service Notes & Rules

  • We will NOT remove your gold or items in your bag. But keep in mind that we will need to use some gold for repairs since we will be raiding quite frequently to farm Valor Points for your toon.

  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 1 real person will be playing your account in the instance dungeon.

  • We will ONLY respond to incoming tells by fellow group members to cooperate effectively in the instance. All other incoming whispers not relevant to teamwork within the raid dungeon will not be responded.

  • If your character's talent tree is speced for pure PvP, we MAY respec your talents to Group PvE to function efficiently in the instance dungeon unless otherwise instructed by you.

  • If you cannot enter a raid because of reputation restrictions or not keyed, you will need to raise your reputation or have us help you through our Reputation Grinding Service.

  • If you accidently login and see that we are inside a raid, please disconnect and let us finish the valor point service.

  • After completion of the Valor Points Grinding service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.

Patch 4.0.1 PvE Currency Changes
(taken from the World of Warcraft Official Site)

  • Valor Points are traded by the Horde in Orgrimmar and by the Alliance in Stormwind. For the Alliance, Valor Points can be spent in Stormwind in the command center, in the southernmost portion of Old Town. Faldren Tillsdale, the Valorous Quartermaster. To his right is Magatha Silverton is the Justice Quartermaster. Valor Points can be used to trade in Level 359 Epic gear, which will cost 700-2200 valor points depending on the slot of the item. The items purchased may then be upgraded to Heroic versions of the gear by obtaining an Essence of the Forlorn from raid content, and the converting it at the Valorous Quartermaster for a X-of the forlorn, where X is the slot of the item that one wishes to upgrade. Heroic versions have an Item level of 372.
  • Relics cost 700 valor points; back and ring slots cost 1250 valor points; feet, trinket, hands slots cost 1650 valor points; and legs and chest cost 2200 valor points.
  • Each daily heroic Cataclysm dungeon will reward you 70 valor points.
  • A 10-man raid boss will reward 70 valor points; whereas, a 25-man raid boss will reward 90 valor points.

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